About us

For the past 35 years, Karun driving school has strived every day to be the best resource possible for anyone looking to pass the driver’s exam. Our approach to training drivers is quite simple. The goal is to prepare people for live traffic and instill in them the need for adherence to law and regulations. Each of our driving instructors is trained, certified, and registered to conduct in-vehicle classes as well as theory sessions for a range of license classes.

At Karun driving, we believe in being patient with all our trainees and providing them with quality learning processes that help them become safe drivers for life. Your convenience is our priority whether it is pick-and-drop from your location or getting a license in one go, we assist you in every possible way.

Why Choose Us?

We are a driving school that teaches new drivers and drivers with classes 5 and 7 how to drive and pass the driver’s exam. Once you choose us as your driving school, you will be set for life. You can rely on us anytime that you need a lesson for you, a family member, or a friend of yours. Moreover, we can pick you up or drop you off at any location, whether that is at your work or home.

If you have any questions regarding our services, you may contact us by phone at 604-880-0314 or email us at hoss@karundrivingschool.ca and we will get back to you as soon as possible.