A. Single Training Lesson

This session lasts about 90 minutes and is a one-time learning resource for trainees across Canada. One additional person is allowed with you during the lesson and you will be given the pick and drop service with a booking of this session. This will cost you $95 for the entire class.1 hr warm up and road test.


1.5 Hours

B. Road Test Package

This lesson includes a pre-warm-up session which is likely to last about 60 minutes. This is followed by a 90-minute road-test session which helps build an in-depth understanding of the standard drivers’ test. this session will cost you $160 for 2.5 hours. 1 hr warm up and road test.


2.5 Hours

C. Training Program 1

C. This training session will last you about 5.5 hours with a detailed understanding of the theoretical aspects of learning to drive and a practical session that prepares you for the road test itself. This package consists of 2 x 90-minute lessons followed by a road test practice. It costs $330 for the entire package. 1 hr warm up and road test.


5.5 Hours

D. Training Program 2

This is an extended learning program that offers access to 3x 90-minute lessons that cover the fundamentals of any license class preparation in great detail. After these sessions, you can practice your skills during a road test. this program costs $430 for 7 hours of training. 1 hr warm up and road test.


7 Hours

E. Training Plus Program

This program lasts about 10 hours. You will have access to 5x 90-minute sessions conducted by subjective trainers who are qualified to prepare you for the respective driver’s exam. A road test is also included in the $620 package. 1 hr warm up and road test.


10 Hours

F. Extended Training Program

For anyone looking to learn on their terms, this is the best option. 9 x 90-minute sessions followed by a road test are covered in this package. This will last about 16 hours and cost $985. This course is a proven resource that has helped an abundance of trainees at our school. 1 hr warm up and road test.


16 Hours

G. Extended Training Plus Program

Individualized learning experience offered in 12 x 90-minute lessons that help understand the workings of practical driving on the road. This is followed by a road test that prepares you for the real driver’s exam down to the last detail. 20.5 hours in this program will cost $1260. 1 hr warm up and road test.


20.5 Hours