Car Driving School

Car Driving School

Driving on your own is a liberating experience especially if you have been sitting in the back seat of a sibling’s car clutching the seat belt for dear life. Given that you learn at the correct facility you are likely to get through the driver’s test without a scratch (mentally for you and physically for the car you will use). Nevertheless, one thing is for certain, to get the license you need in one to go enrolling at a car driving school in Coquitlam is a necessity.

At Karun driving school we understand how daunting it can be to drive on your own for the first time or even apply for a higher license class to kick start your driving career. Our instructors are in touch with what a trainee experiences and as such our programs employ the use of highly informative training tactics and put the trainee right at ease. As a car driving school in west minister, we cater to a variety of students who prefer learning to drive at their own pace. Whether you are excited to drive on your own or leap of faith by joining us, we are 100% invested in your success

What can you expect from us?

  1. Defensive driving

our goal is to prepare you for real traffic with other motorists driving with their observation and perspective of the road. As a car driving school in Port Coquitlam, we focus on training drivers to understand the correct maneuvers for when they are faced with black ice, skids, or have to decide at the moment based on their judgment.

Our instructors emphasize the significance of controlling your vehicle in a real-life situation when you are faced with uncertainty and the possibility of an accident. The defensive driving approach is a tremendous asset for drivers anywhere.

  1. Get access to a vehicle

Karun driving school is a car driving school in Coquitlam that has got you covered. Need a practice vehicle? Or one to drive during the driver’s test? we will provide it for you. for all our trainees we give you the opportunity to work with a properly maintained vehicle that falls under your license class. Once you have obtained the license you need you can move on to planning the purchase of a new vehicle.

If you are not a student at our school but need a car rental for the exam, we will conduct a one-hour driving skills test to determine your capability before you can take one of our vehicles.

  1. Range of programs

At Karun car driving school in west minister and other locations, you will get access to the best possible resources for you. you can browse through a range of the programs that we offer and enroll in one that suits you the best. For as low as $75 you get access to quality resources and the best learning experience in town. We aim to provide our trainees with a few options to give them the benefit they need to ace their exam

We value your time and trust. For parents whose teenager is driving on their own for the first time, we go the extra mile to build their understanding of what the road entails and why safe driving is correct driving. Each student that enrolls with us gets individualized training time and a through an introduction to what the drivers’ test entails

What makes us the best driving school in Burnaby and other locations?

We are certified

Karun driving school is a certified and recognized institute with a reputable standing among our previous customers and the relevant traffic authorities. We are licensed to train future instructors as well. This is not an easy license to come by and we have strived to gain the trust of all those involved in training safe drivers for the roads.

Our courses are also recognized by employers who work in the transportation industry and are looking to hire drivers who have been trained properly.

Success rate

Our success rate is above 80% even for those drivers who have never driven a car on their own. We focus on facilitating the student rather than making the training process easier for ourselves. Although we follow a designated curriculum approved by local and national traffic authorities our teaching approach changes with each of our learners and we remain consistent till the learner is satisfied with what they have learned during their time with us.

professional driving school in New Westminster

planning to start a career in driving? We are in the right place. Since we are regarded by employers as a top-notch learning resource, we strive to keep it that way by proving our professionalism.

You can expect our teachers to be punctual our vehicles to be professionally maintained and our trainers to be extremely patient and cooperative throughout your learning experience.

We cover the basics

Whether you are joining us for a refreshers course or as a beginner, we will include a theory session in the package. Driving isn’t just about joining the best driving school in Port Coquitlam or learning to control your vehicle; it is more about how much you understand your vehicle, how you resonate with safety regulations, and how your vehicle fits into live traffic.

How you respond to the cars around you makes you a reliable and safe driver. You don’t have to necessarily go through a collision or have a distasteful experience to hone your metal as a driver and we make sure that you remain safe throughout your career as a driver by using the information to your benefit.

Our theoretical sessions give the trainee an open channel for communicating their fear, concern, understanding, and queries regarding what is expected of a driver.


As a thriving driving school in Burnaby and surrounding locations, we make it a point to follow the law down to its minutest details. Whenever there are changes, updates, or information on how the traffic authorities are managing routes across the province, we are aware of it and comply with each regulation. This is also highly instrumental and providing our students with additional certifications that are recognized by the law.

We follow best practices from the industry and make sure that students who train at our schools are aware of regulations and their impact on safe and responsible driving.

We cover several locations

Whether you are looking for a driving school in port moody or for a reliable school to learn at while living in Burnaby, we are just the school you need. We offer pick-up and drop-off services for various locations for each of our trainees regardless of where they are located.

You can get in touch with our representative to give you more information regarding your location and accessibility to our resources.

Unmatched prices

While we maintain an average cost close to what the industry has to offer, our prices cater to a range of learners and budgets. As a professional driving school Coquitlam, we make sure to go above and beyond in facilitating the learner whether it is a one-time session or an extended learning program, you will get access to the best resources in the business at our facility.

Our prices range from $75 to $ 960 covering a range of learning plans that cover multiple facets of driving.

How to enroll with us?

If you have been searching for the best driving school in Port Coquitlam and have landed on our page all you need to do is check out the programs we offer and choose one that suits you. then you can give us a call or leave your details with us on our website and we will respond to your queries personally.

We will inform you of the schedule and pre-classes preparation before we begin.