Driving Test

Driving Test

The driver’s test is probably the most intimidating part of obtaining a license. In some cases, a well-prepared learner tends to falter due to nerves and they may end up making mistakes during the test which leads to unfavorable results.

These are real reactions of learners and we at Karun driving understand how a trainee tends to act in stressful situations or under supervision this is why when we prepare you for the driving test in Port Coquitlam e acquaint you with real testing conditions and make sure you are aware of all the necessary information you need to pass the test.

Our job is to prepare you for the pressure that comes with driving under the eagle-eyed observation of an examiner who has worked with thousands of applicants and probably denied their licenses due to minor discrepancies. When preparing for driving tests in Port Coquitlam and other locations we make sure there isn’t any room for error when you perform on the test.

Tips to ace the driver’s test in one go

To help you understand the situation better and to be fully prepared for the driver’s test we have a few tips that can assist you in acquiring the license in one go

  1. Be informed

Drivers’ education in new Westminster prepares you for the driver’s test by giving you the advantage you need to know the answers to everything that will be asked of you during the exam. However, there is more to it than just theoretical information. At Karun driving, we prepare you for the real situation and familiarize you with what a driver’s exam entails. How you have to respond to everything that is asked of you and how to engage with the instructor for a better perspective when driving.

  1. Defensive driving

Defensive driving is our go-to approach when preparing students for the driving test in Port Coquitlam or any given location. This is one of the top resources used by driving schools to help you understand what the instructor expects of you and how to correctly respond to any given situation when on the road. This is an application of the on-road practice hours you have spent driving under the observation of an instructor.

We conduct mock exams that give the applicant an in-depth understanding of what the exam will entail and the kind of questions that an examiner will ask during the exam.

  1. Communicating with other motorists

This does not have to be verbal communication. Understanding how your vehicle fits into the traffic and how certain rules apply to your license class establishes a channel of communication with others on the road.

Using the signals: timely and correct use of honking, indicators, turn signals, and more.

Correct positioning: positioning the vehicle correctly for each maneuver that is asked of you during the exam. For instance, turning to the right after first moving your car to the right side of the road.

Using lights: driving with the lights on when needed and taking a decision on your own during the driving test in Burnaby.