Become A Safe And Responsible Driver For Life!

Become A Safe And Responsible Driver For Life!

Admired to be trained by professional? Get into our school. Correcting your seating position, steering, gear control, and overall car control!

Here is what we offer:

  • Helping you identify road skills, hazards, accidents, road-terms, signs, and road situations.
  • Teaching you the correct way to park, merge into the traffic, and drive through the highway. Learn the speed control, vehicle control, and temper control.
  • Increasing your attention
  • Passing through highway
  • Moving around railway crossing
  • Passing onto the curved path
  • Crossing the pedestrian walk
  • Controlling over steers
  • Giving you driving tips, road awareness

Special classes at our professional driving school in Coquitlam and exercise designated for high-performance on road.

Speed Control: In case of the blown-out tire, passing near the other passengers, crossing the road near schools. Making driving less stressful! Teaching you the safe manner of driving!

Identifying the shortcomings and working on them through constant practical on-road and in-vehicle training.

Why Karun driving school?

Guaranteed: 100% reliable

A++ rated: Highly rated by customers

Professionals: Expert team to train you and guide you throughout the session

Experienced: Years of experience

On-Time: Punctual classes

Safe-Techniques: We use the safe vehicle fully checked, ensuring it has zero mechanical fault

Advanced Vehicles: Using the latest models of cars

Large Area: You can easily move through the large area with the vehicle