Mastering The Art Of Driving At Karun Driving School

Mastering The Art Of Driving At Karun Driving School

Looking for quality instructor training service? Welcome to Karun driving. Certified, well reputed, A++ rated, driving school in Coquitlam at your service.

  • In-class instruction, collision avoidance skills, road testing, and road tricks!
  • Learn parking techniques, speed management, emergency car handling, and car inspection.
  • Advanced vehicles, on-time courses, thorough lessons refresh and develop your driving skills.
  • We use the unique methodology, advanced built-in vehicles.
  • We teach you to read through the mirror quite accurately.
  • We work closely with you through one-on-one training – Maintaining the wheel training procedure through the systemized process.
  • We provide you with the following skills:
    • Minimize accidental damage
    • Assess the road situation
    • Create training programs
    • Improve fuel economy

Pocket-friendly costs:

Easily affordable courses for the locals.

Car Control:

Maintaining speed, gear control, steering, and engine control.

What do We Teach?

  • Building a defense mechanism
  • Anticipating road accidents
  • Sharpening road skills
  • Maintaining the speed
  • Controlling car at curvy roads
  • Scanning road hazards
  • Understanding the road situation
  • Preparing yourself for the risk tolerance
  • Learning lane changes as well as the multi-line changes
  • Driving without making any mistakes
  • Steering control on dangerous road situations
  • Teaching you to read through the rear view of the mirror
  • Undertaking the pre-trip checks