Planning To Get Your License? Join Karun Driving School Today

Planning To Get Your License? Join Karun Driving School Today

Need the AID license? Join us. Be the master of Driving. Start your journey now. Dedicated personal assistant is available. As the best driving school in Burnaby that is A++ rated, actual school, award-winning programs, offering you approved trainers, and comprehensive courses!

  • One-on-one training, qualified team, wide area to navigate through, on-time class sessions, advanced cars, 24 hours of in-cars training by experts!
  • Dream to become an instructor? Hands-on instruction, in-vehicle training available!
  • If you pass the visions test, and basic health, you’re free to join our courses.

Offering you the up-to-date lesson, on-road assessments, and certifications!

  1. Using the best driving techniques.
  2. Teaching you parking, reserving, crossing the line, steering in the same line, crossing the railway, passing through the angle parking.

Our certified industry approved professionals ensure to offer you a secure platform by:

  • Making a driving test less nerve-wracking, allowing you to navigate and practice in a large area.

You can Choose the time schedule of your choice at our car driving school in Westminster:

  • No prior experience required to get into our school
    Short courses or full-length courses available
    DVSA registered professionals
    Professional Development courses are available for free to get
    You’ve got the option to join the Karun driving stream